History of the Internet in Indonesia

 Indonesia internet history began in the early 1990’s. At that time, Internet network in Indonesia is better known as the community network, where the spirit of cooperation, kinship and mutual assistance is very warm and was among the perpetrators. Quite different from the atmosphere of Indonesia in the aftermath Internet that feels more commercial and individual in most activities, especially those involving Internet commerce. Since 1988, there was an early user of the Internet in Indonesia that utilize CIX (England) and CompuServe (U.S.) to access the internet. (Speedy, 2010)

According to ARIN and APNIC whois records, the Internet protocol (IP) first from Indonesia, UI-NETLAB (192.41.206/24) registered by the University of Indonesia on June 24, 1988. RMS Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Word Siregar, Adi Indrayanto, and Onno W. Purbo are some legendary names in the early development of the Internet in Indonesia in 1992hingga 1994. Each personnel had contributed to the expertise and dedication in building historical footage computer network in Indonesia.

The writings on the existence of the Internet in Indonesia can be seen in several articles in the print media such as COMPASS titled “Computer Networks low cost, using radio” in the month of November 1990. Also some short articles in the magazine Electrical Electron ITB Student Association in 1989.

Internet Service Providers in Indonesia

In around 1994 began operating IndoNet led by Sanjaya. IndoNetmerupakan first commercial ISP in Indonesia. At that time the POSTEL not know about the Internet business gaps and still very few Internet users in Indonesia. Initial connection to the Internet using a dial-up done by IndoNet, a move that perhaps desperate enough. IndoNetmasih location in the UI faculty in the complex Rawamangun, coincidental Sanjaya’s father is a lecturer in the UI. Access beginning in early IndoNet using text mode with a shell account, lynx browser and email client pine on AIX server.

From 1995 a few BBS in Indonesia as Clarissa provide Telnet access to overseas. By using the remote browser Lynx in the United States, the Indonesian Internet users can access the Internet (HTTP).

Recent developments that need to be taken into account is the trend toward e-commerce and internet cafes are mutually supporting one another and produce a more solid Indonesian society in the world of information. Fellow e-commerce to build community in several main mailing list as warta-e-commerce@egroups.com, mastel-e-commerce@egroups.com, e-commerce@itb.ac.id & i2bc@egroups.com. Mailing List

Around 1987-1988, a group of Indonesian students in Berkeley, United States, created mailing lists (mailing lists) of the first, with alamatindonesians@janus.berkeley.edu. With this mailing facility, eventually Community Association Indonesian Students abroad formed.

In 1995-1997, two Pentium II computers in the ITB, donations from Alumni ITB, be the beginning of the formation of virtual communities in Indonesia that use the mailing list that reaches hundreds of mailing lists.

Finally, TelkomNet make plasagroups.com, a large server to hold these forums. Use of this mailing list can be used for free. By using a server in the country, can be an alternative traffic bandwidth savings abroad.

Internet Cafes

In July 1995, PT Main Bonet, private ISP Indonet second after Jakarta, making cafe near his office that cater for tourists who are visiting the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Then, in 1997-1998, began popping up kiosks that provide a lot of computers for rent to access the internet. The term internet cafes, abbreviated cafe, then a lot of wear and developed among active Internet users in Indonesia at that time.

The presence of cafe-cafe is very influential to popularize the Internet in Indonesia. The number of Internet cafes set up in every corner of the city, proving appreciation of the people of Indonesia to the Internet is increasing.

Internet is no longer enjoyed by academics or corporate level, but more evenly distributed to various walks of life.


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