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Definition of Inquiry letter

A letter of request, also known as a letter or letters of interesting candidates, will be sent to the companies. Letter of request is a letter from a prospective buyer to the seller requesting information about the products offered. With the offer of the seller will potential buyers will know the price, and the sale and purchase, and a description of the goods or services to be purchased. This is the purpose of the prospective buyer a written request to the seller.

When a prospective buyer has to know the condition of the goods / services following the price and terms of sale and purchase, of course he did not need to ask for a quote from the seller. Letter of inquiry required in formal trade demand formal procedures in writing. Letter of inquiry is often an early stage of the business transactions. Through a letter of inquiry to ask a potential buyer or to request information about the goods or services to be purchased. In reaction, the seller explained the things he wanted to know the buyer, the buyer did finally order and business transactions as the top buying and selling process.

 In the letter of demand for the goods usually offer prospective buyers ask:

1. name and type of goods;

2. special characteristics (specifications) of goods, namely, the type, size, quality, capacity and others;

3. unit price.

4. Pieces;

5. method of payment;

6. means of delivery, and

7. ease that may be obtained by the buyer, such as guarantees and other.

 In addition to the above mentioned potential buyers asking price lists and catalogs (if the items varied) and a technical description of the goods in the form of leaflets or brochures. For items that allow, prospective buyers can also request a sample of goods actually sent.

 By letter of demand and supply of services, prospective buyers can ask:

1. the form of services that can be presented by the seller;

2. equipment used by the seller as a support (if any);

3. price;

4. pieces and

5. method of payment;

In demand service offerings, potential buyers can also request a price list (according to the level of services to be provided). Usually all been included in the prospectus which has been prepared by the company selling services.

Inquiry should not only be submitted to one seller, but to some sellers. This step was taken so that the price list and the information collected will be compared with each other to determine which one best suit your desires and financial ability of prospective buyers.

Inquiry :


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