tulisan softskill bahasa inggris bisnis 2


Sentences containing 10 Simple Present And Present Progressive:

1.gunawan never plays football, but he’s now he’s playing volleyball.

2. alfin usually reads music magazine, but now he is reading football magazine.

3. I always sleeps at 8 am. Look ! I am is sleeping at 6 pm now.

4.I love playing the keyboard in the band, but I now singing.

5. Do you hear that sounds ? No, I am not. Please don’t disturb, I am singing right now.

6. I usually wears shirt boxes, today i am is wearing white shirt.

7. show band starts at 9 pm at the park, I am going to The park right now.

8. I do not like eat this food, because it that delicious I am eating this food.

9. she played volleyball in the park, but now he playing in my home garden

10. My father now works in a cafe, he worked as a jazz singing now


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