Tulisan 3 pertemuan 4 sofskill bahasa inggris bisnis 2


WRITING : Make 5 sentences using should or ought to or had better  (Alfin Ferry Sugiana) NPM : 21109687           KELAS : 4KB04

1. writing should  : – I should to study harder again in order to get excellent grades in my class.

2. writing ought  to  : – I ought to have been more appreciative of the time to do useful things.

3. writing had better :  – from now on my attitude and my actions should be had better than the day before.

4. writing  had better : – I want to buy an item but do not have the money then I am had better off saving even harder in order to buy  goods

5. writing should : – college this year I should pass well in order to get a job


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